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Team Lindsey is opening up The Ending world to other authors!

While Dani and Zoe’s adventures have come to a close, with the exception of a couple small companion projects here and there, The Ending world is still ripe for more mischief and mayhem.


Right now, it’s invite only. We’re looking at authors whose work we love, and who we already have a professional relationship with. Opening up a project that means so much to us is scary, and we’re taking baby steps. Trust is essential in this early phase.


That being said, feel free to reach out. If you’re a new or established author and are interested in writing in The Ending World, we would love to hear from you!


How do I apply to write in The Ending World?


Since it’s currently invite only, there’s no application process at the moment. However, if you’re a new or established author interested in writing in The Ending World, we would welcome an email from you. You never know--you might be a perfect fit!


What are the requirements to be considered to write in The Ending World?


The author must:

  • be invited to write in The Ending World by Team Lindsey

  • sign The Ending World contract and adhere to all conditions

  • read the entire Ending Series (After The Ending, Into The Fire, Out Of The Ashes, Before The Dawn, World Before, and The Ending Beginnings)

  • be able to budget for a cover from We Got You Covered book design

  • be able to budget for a professional editor, and the editor must follow the Ending World Style Guide

  • commit to actively advertising and promoting your own work

  • subtitle novel(s) “An Ending World Novel”

  • agree to holding off publication until work can pass Ending World beta reader approval


Does it cost money to write in The Ending World?

Not in the sense that there’s a buy-in to write in the world, but there are costs included in publishing any work. Since we require that authors use our cover designer, that must be included in authors’ budget, as well as the cost of editing and advertising/promoting.


How is writing in The Ending World different from writing The Ending Series fanfiction?

The Ending Series fanfiction: Just for fun. Write whatever you want about whoever you want to write about. These are not published on Amazon or any other retail platforms besides fanfiction forums and personal blogs, etc. These are not official Ending World stories, nor are they promoted as such.

The Ending World: Official Ending World stories. Authors must sign a contract with Team Lindsey and follow all conditions of the contract. Work can be published on Amazon and any other retail platforms.


If I write in The Ending World, who publishes my book?

You do! Which means you own all of the rights to your work.


Would I keep all of my royalties or would there be a royalty-share?

Because you would be publishing the work yourself, you would keep all of the royalties.


Would I have to write a series or could it be a standalone book?

Totally up to you, but we recommend series. :)


Who promotes my book?

You do. But, probably the biggest perk of being able to write in The Ending World, is having access to the Endingers, the Ending Series’ voracious fans. We love our readers and are opening this world up for them so they can read more Ending World adventures. We will announce your book to Ending Series fans on Facebook and in our newsletter, leading up to and upon release at our discretion, giving your book an awesome running start!

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