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#TBT - The beginning of Team Lindsey, our first signing, and our epic book journey together

It seems like forever ago that Team Lindsey first ventured out on their own (that would be us) to explore the new, scary world of authorship. And while it may have been a tad intimidating and definitely uncharted in the beginning, it's been such a wild ride. Since the day we decided we were going to dive in, head first, we have't bothered looking back.

It's been four years, and five Ending Series books later (including the book of novellas), here we are. We have the most loyal, dedicated readers who are beyond amazing, patiently waiting for us while we explore other genres and storylines. We've tamed brooding, emotionally constipated men, and defeated maniacal generals. We've created viruses and taught survival techniques, built farms and learned how to harness new, unfounded paranormal abilities. We've even learned how to fix Re-gens and Crazies. We've had a blast doing it all, and we couldn't have done any of it without you.

While we're certainly not finished exploring the world we've created, the series proper itself has come to a close. With Before The Dawn, we said goodbye to that chapter in Dani and Zoe's lives, and in turn, we said goodbye to our own as well. We're no longer newbies in the book world. We may even be considered veterans, at this point, actually. So what, exactly are we going to do now? Write! Write! Write!

Total, we've published 15 books between us in give different worlds. We've explored time travel and mythology, mental illness and family struggles. We've gone into the gritty underground world of Seattle and are exploring life in the deserts of Arizona. All of that, and we're only just getting started. Lindsey Fairleigh is hard at work in her paranormal worlds, going on adventures with immortal assassins and weaving together new mythologies. While Lindsey Pogue is lost in pages of research, dreaming up new, brooding characters, and plotting the creation of forgotten lands far far away.

But don't despair. The Ending Series is never too far away. It will always be near and dear to our hearts--the beginning of it all, the forging of our futures and the bond that will forever link two very awesome Lindseys together. Forever. You'll learn more about new Ending Series projects in late April/early May, after Team Lindsey meets in Austin to brainstorm, plot, and plan where the series will take us next.

But in the meantime, you can find us around, dreaming up other characters that will make you gasp and cry and laugh out loud. Because, while we may have grown older and more seasoned in the author world, we definitely haven't grown would seem.

You can find Team Lindsey here:

Lindsey Pogue -

Lindsey Fairleigh -

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