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The Longest Night - An Ending World Novella

After what seems like endless days waiting for a few glitches to get worked out, The Longest Night Pre-order is finally up and running! Check out Alex and Sophie's origin stories in The Longest Night novella, releasing August 9th on Amazon (and available in Kindle Unlimited).

Synopsis: Alaska can be a bleak and dangerous place, especially in the dead of winter. But when hair-raising whispers about an outbreak reach the small harbor town of Whitely, the townspeople face a new, unfathomable fear— the virus is coming for them. Sophie thought life was complicated when she had teen pregnancy and her squeaky-clean reputation as the mayor’s daughter to worry about. But strict schedules and perfectly groomed hair become yesterday’s concerns as bloodcurdling screams pierce the night air and lurid memories haunt feverish dreams. Weak and alone, Sophie must survive the longest, most terrifying night of her life and pray she won’t be the only one left when she wakes. Alex is the kid from the wrong side of the tracks and trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes. It’s all he can do to keep his head down until his eighteenth birthday when he can leave his life in foster care behind him. But Alex doesn’t realize he and the quiet girl from class with lonely, blue eyes are fated in the most impossible way imaginable. Death is everywhere, and even in the gray dawn of morning, after the fever subsides and the world echoes in silence, Alex will have to face his darkest fear yet. The Longest Night is a prequel novella in the Savage North Chronicles, part of the bestselling, post-apocalyptic Ending World. You do not have to read The Ending Series in order to enjoy the Savage North Chronicles. Pre-order now! (Available August 9th)


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Here's what readers are saying at The Darkest Winter:

"This book is outstanding! It is such a perfect essay of how much we stand to lose after we’ve lost everything. Life at the end is deadly, harsh, and unforgiving but there is beauty still. And family. And love." - Jennifer, Amazon Reviewer "Wow, what a crazy wild ride. I loved every page of this." -Carol, Goodreads Reviewer "Lindsey has a way of creating a real world with real characters. It's written so well, it is completely believable with real emotions and reactions. The story grabs you and pulls you in instantly, and leaves you wanting more." - Tracy, Amazon Reviewer

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