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FanFiction Winners!

A very special thank you to all of you who spent hours of creative brainpower coming up with an Ending story of your own. Reading these was a blast! It was so much fun to meet new characters, witness their struggles, triumphs, and unique perspectives.

While we originally planned to pick only one winner, we decided that we would pick two stories this year! Why? Well, not only did these two writers do an amazing job weaving in Easter eggs from Dani and Zoe's story, but both of these readers wrote very different and creative tales, and we wanted to highlight them both.

So, we proudly announce this year's fanfiction winners:

It's Not Always The End by Stevie Williams

Allie's Tale by Katelyn Bobbitt


These stories are completely different, showing two POVs during the end of the world, both with fun little twists at the end that we absolutely loved.

We'll be posting one story on our blog in January and one in February, so stay tuned!

And once again, CONGRATULATIONS!!

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