A Look Inside: Wither and Ruin, Forgotten Lands Series (book two)

Everyone likes Skittles, right? Well, if not, let’s pretend for a moment that you do. I’ve always said that writing for me is like a bag of Skittles—I have my favorite flavors but I enjoy them all. My writing mirrors that. I don’t just write one genre, though I do have my favorite, and more often than not I throw a few genres together. It’s suicidal in the marketing world, but then, who wants to mold their ideas until they’re like everyone else’s? For example, my Saratoga Falls love story series isn’t just contemporary romance, but a sprinkle of reality, grit, and heartache. It explores aspects of real life that fascinate me and that I want to know more about. In 2012, there weren’t too many

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