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2018 Ending World FanFiction Competition

Now that we've opened The Ending World to other authors, readers are asking:

Are there other opportunities to write in The Ending Series?

The answer is YES!

Team Lindsey is hosting a FanFiction writing contest in 2018 and the winner will get a spotlight in our newsletter and across our social media! Here's what you need to know about the 2018 Ending World FanFic Competition.

What: 2018 Ending World FanFiction Competition

Who: It's open to everyone and hosted by Team Lindsey

Requirements: Write a story, no more than 10,000 words in length, about whatever you want to write about in The Ending Series world we've created. The possibilities are endless, but the content must meet Amazon standards - nothing obscene, please.

Submission Deadline: November 1, 2018

Submission Process: Email us HERE and attached your story in word doc or pdf format. Be sure you send your submission from an email account you use regularly so that our communication with you doesn't get lost or put in your SPAM folder. Also, please ensure we have your name and that your story title is clear. You are more than welcome to post your story(s) on any and all fanfiction forums.

Winner Announcement: December 20th, announced on social media, in our newsletter, and we will email the winner directly.

Prize: Your story featured on our blog, in our newsletters, and across all other social media.

What's the difference between writing Ending Series fan fiction and writing in The Ending World?

The Ending Series fanfiction: Just for fun. Write whatever you want about whoever you want to write about. These are not published on Amazon or any other retail platforms besides fanfiction forums and personal blogs, etc. These are not official Ending World stories, nor are they promoted as such.

The Ending World: Official Ending World stories. Authors must sign a contract with Team Lindsey and follow all conditions of the contract. Work can be published on Amazon and any other retail platforms.

Are you an aspiring author and need extra writing help or motivation from like-minded aspiring authors?

You can join Lindsey Pogue's aspiring author collaborative, The Collective, on Facebook. Email her here.

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