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The Ending Series has a new look!

Big things are happening for The Ending Series this month. Not only do we have a new audiobook in review (The Ending Beginnings), but we're giving the series a complete makeover!

Why? Well, in honor of our six year anniversary, Team Lindsey has decided to spruce up The Ending Series a bit, which covers and interiors!

As we gear up for another 2019 story collection project, World After, we figured there's no better time to revisit and revise the adventures that have brought us this far. Or to tell you that...

Both Lindsey Pogue and Lindsey Fairleigh may or may not have some Ending Series World novels coming your way in the next couple years, so don't stray too terribly far.

Back to the covers. You've already seen this:

Become this:

Now, we're saying goodbye to our iconic:

And hello to:

As a thank you for being such amazing Endingers, we're hosting some major giveaways over the next couple months, one for each book, starting this week! We're not only giving away signed paperbacks with original covers that will never be produced again, we're also giving away After The Ending defaced hardcovers, original artwork, and series swag.

Make sure you join us on our Facebook page for all the cover reveals and major giveaways! You can follow our projects and progress on our personal Facebook pages:

Thank you for being so awesome, we can't wait to hang out!

The Lindseys

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