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The Prostrate -Prostate Conversation




1. lying stretched out on the ground with one's face downward.

synonyms: prone, lying flat, lying down, stretched out, spread-eagled, sprawling, horizontal, recumbent;

rare procumbent

"the prostrate figure on the ground"

Scene: A 100 year-old farmhouse in the Napa Valley Characters: LF: Lindsey Faileigh LP: Lindsey Pogue LF: Aggghhhh...I can't think of the right word to to explain what Dani's doing! LP: Hmmm...laying over? Holding? Clutching? Smothering?... LF: Well, let's see. (stands up and exits the room so she can re-enter as she acts out the scene.) LF (as Dani): (She enters the room.) Oh no! Why is the bathroom light on? (she rushes into the bathroom and sees her roomate [LF's cat] lying on the floor) What's wrong Callie [Dani's roommate, not Lindsey's cat]? Wake up! (she slaps her unconscious roommate [but doesn't slap her cat!]. As the roommate [cat] doesn't respond [purrs] she folds herself over the other woman's [cat's] body, weeping) LF (as LF): Okay so what am I doing now? (she's still hunched over on the floor, but the cat has wiggled out and is staring at her like she's crazy/he wants to play) Am I prostate? LP: (exploding in laughter) Did you really just say prostate? (more laughter, maybe a few tears) LF: (grumbling and laughing) I meant prostrate! Afterward: The word, "prostrate," did end up in the current draft of chapter 3. The word, "prostate," did not...
Read the first few chapters there
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