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Surviving The Ending Handbook: Survival

Jason's Survival Tips

(Transcribed by Zoe)

Note: This is a list orated to me by my brother (Jason Cartwright) while glaring at me and unpacking his things after a trip to New Bodega.

Before the Ending, hikers and backpackers were well aware of the classic "Ten Essentials," items to keep handy in order to avoid any untimely deaths. 1. Map 2. Compass 3. Sunglasses and Sunscreen 4. Extra Clothing 5. Headlamp/Flashlight 6. First-aid Supplies 7. Firestarter 8. Matches 9. Knife 10. Extra Food But in a world after The Ending, there are important things to keep in mind. 1. Almost everyone is dead, so capable survivors are few. All survivors must fend for themselves. 2. ALL survivors are affected in one of two ways by the virus: a) they're Crazies, or b) they've mutated, resulting in a preternatural ability. 3. Without humans to maintain things, the infrastructure we so readily depend on rapidly crumbles (i.e., electricity, gas, internet, phones, etc.). 4. Necessary supplies, like food and clean water, are no longer produced or maintained, though there should be plenty of packaged food for the taking. Jason's revised "Ten Essentials for Surviving The Ending" include: 1. Water Purifier/Filter 2. Knife, Gun and Ammo 3. Stockpile of Packaged and Preserved Food 4. Medicine (antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, fever reducers, tetanus and rabies shots, EpiPens) 5. First Aid Supplies (especially for stabbings, breaks, and gun shots) 6. Portable Solar Panels and/or Solar-powered Generator 7. Maps (road and topographic) and Compass 8. Lighter/Flint & Steel and firestarter 9. All-weather Clothing and Boots 10. Tent (you never know when the Crazies might run you out of your post-apocalyptic home)

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