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Surviving The Ending Handbook: Entertainment: Indoors

Keeping Busy (when you're stuck indoors)

By Sam and Annie

Note: Sam and Annie wrote this list together...with Zoe and Dani's help.

This is how to keep yourself busy when you're stuck indoors during the winter

  1. Throw stuff off the roof (Sam)

  2. Make a fort out of blankets and couch cushions (Annie and Sam)

  3. Play dress-up and talk with a British accent (Zoe and Dani)

  4. Draw on the walls with Crayons (Annie)

  5. Build a bunker under your house (Sam)

  6. Paint with food coloring (Annie and Dani)

  7. Use spit to polish the hardwood floors (Annie)

  8. Sing Celine Dion in the shower (no comment)

  9. Hunt for dust bunnies because they're the only bunnies that you're allowed to hunt for (Annie)

  10. Inventory your house's nooks and crannies in case you're ever in a pinch

  11. Climb the walls and furniture (Annie)

  12. Lock yourself in the closet (Annie)

  13. Get the dogs to let you out of the closet (Annie)

  14. Practice yodeling in the bathroom (Sam and Annie)

  15. Clean your bow, quiver, and arrows (Sam) ... (until you're told to get your weapons out of the house - Dani)

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